A single handed slayer

I'm a designer with super human Creative Vision

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Meet Chelsea CUllen


Finger Lakes Native.

I grew up in Ithaca, NY surrounded by very creative people. I watched small companies and boutiques either flourish or fade away and was inspired by the risk takers that put in everything to their companies.

My love for design came after picking graphic design as my degree. At first it seemed like a good career choice, but the passion came when I branded my first company and discovered the impact good design has.

After moving to Rochester to obtain my degree, I have traveled around and relocated to work with various companies to bring out the identity in each of our company that I work with. No matter how far I roam, I have found that there's nothing quite like being in the Finger Lakes.


My Inspiration


What I like to do.

It’s exciting to know that I can help these companies – new, established or growing - develop their identity. Design is an identity, after all, and your identity is different from the next business. So let’s work together to make you stand out!

Apart from design, I’m very adventurous in my free time. I like challenging myself to learn new hobbies like hockey or trap shooting, exploring new parts of the world or having fun with my favorite sports like snowboarding and rock climbing.

It’s amazing to meet new people on my adventures. I enjoy hearing about their journey as well as meeting owners and their ambitions.