Jordan and Emily

Jordan and Emily

In my home town, I made befriended a Cortland native, Emily, who I was fortunate to see meet the man of her dreams. She and her now husband, Jordan, were friends for such a long time, but they're patience blossomed into a beautiful relationship that quickly led to a marriage.

I worked with Abigail Jean, Emily's sister who is a talented wedding photographer to obtain photos from their engagement photoshoot.

Emily is a country girl that comes from a big family, a father who owns his own business and really loves horseback riding and adventuring who is not afraid to get her hands dirty and is talented in creating beautiful art. Both Jordan and Emily like four-wheeling and snowboarding.

In an effort to reflect both their personalities, I decided to create a rustic design with hand drawn graphics.

Make sure you check out Abigail Jean's Photography!

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