Adirondacks: Mount Marcy

This past September, I hiked Mount Marcy. It was a long drive up and our crew ate, set up the tent, kicked our shoes off outside and went to bed. At 1AM, I heard pouring rain outside and realized my boots along with one other pair of shoes were sadly left outside! I pulled them in but they would not be dry for tomorrow's hike.

It was pretty cold but we set out for the peak. It took a while to make our way to the top which had the season's first snow. It was so cold, my hands (which were pathetically wrapped in socks) couldn't be exposed for too long.

We made our way back down, and thankfully I was lended hiking poles. Truthfully, I use to scoff at people who used them, but having had three knee surgeries and not willing to do more damage, hiking poles were a Godsend.

We finished our high peak in 9 hours but really pushing the dark by the end. It was a great hike and I hope to do more this next summer!